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In March my class took up the Student Blogging Challenge.  This was my first challenge and really my entry into blogging as I had signed up for an edublog a year earlier but never worked on it.  The experience was a learning curve for me and my students.  I had a small class of just 21 students 5 were on an informal IEP and 1 was on a formal IEP.  It was a level playing field of learning as I was learning things the night before, explaining mechanics to students and students would be doing the same…..we were all ‘newbies’ but it was such a CALLABORATIVE process ~ Amazing.

So I issued my class a challenge of continuing with blogging over the summer.  I made one post (now two – class starts next week). I went through my list of students from last year and 9 out of 21 students blogged this summer.  I am totally impressed that they did this.  I had little faith that anyone would continue.  I am sorry for doubting them.

I ran across some ideas as to why students should blog.  After going back and seeing that on their own students continued to blog – I agree that it is an adventure I am willing to take with students.

Here are the articles (let’s see if I can remember how to link 🙂 )

5 Reasons Students are Blogging

Paper Blogging


Looking forward to a great year!

Miss Hutchinson


3 thoughts on “Students Summer Blogging

  1. Dear Miss Hutchinson,
    I was following your students through the March Student blogging challenge (as Mrs Ch) and would like to say I appreciate your work as a teacher greatly. As for the students, I really enjoyed visiting their blogs and fell in love with their personalities.
    I wish you all great success in everything you do!

    Mrs Black

  2. Wow. Thank you. That was my first class that I have done the blogging challenge with. We really focused on blogging and meeting each activity in the challenge. They were a great group of students. Thank you for mentoring them, I know they loved reading comments from you. It is great that you took the time out of your teaching schedule to write a comment here and there. Thanks.
    Miss Tara Hutchinson

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