I love History!!!

Each year in my class we try to take a virtual field trip to sites that have to do with Canadian History.  I teach grade 7 and these are a few of the videos that I show my class.  They seem to like to fighting and visualizing the acts that we read about.  It is a great way to pair the textbook and history.  Enjoy some of my favourite videos.

Miss H.

Olympics via a choppy screen

This past week we have been TRYING to watch the Olympics on our Smartboard in my class.  But it is not working as well as we think.  To quote a student in my class, he said “the Smartboard isn’t so smart”.  I totally agree!!! Right now I would like to be watching the men’s hockey game against Norway.  So let’s see if it will work.  I will keep you posted.

Is there a sporting event that you would like to watch at school?


Miss. H.

Fire and Ice
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Evan Leeson via Compfight

Masks Making Fun.

Making Historical Masks War of 1812 on PhotoPeach

This is a collection of some of the masks that my students made with the Help of Anne Barber.  Anne is an artist that has been coming to our school for four years now and works with students to make masks and puppets.  She has her own theatre company called Shadowland Theatre Company in Toronto, Ontario.  She is great with the kids and gets them to really think outside of the box and focus on playing a character.  She is back again and she is working with my class on nature stories.  There are five groups and they are going to make masks and produce skits with their masks where elements of nature come alive and resolve a conflict.

Stay tuned for more pictures and stories.  In the mean time, check out the Photopeach slideshow of the masks from last year.


Miss H.

May the Odds be Ever in Your Favour…

I am really looking forward to the next film in the Hunger Games Triology.  Catching Fire was my favourite of the three books.  I was intrigued as to how Katniss dealt with her defiance towards the Captiol.  As I was reading, I imagined what life was like in the Capitol, and how different everyone looked.  The new trailer for the movie looks awesome! I think I may have to get out my Mockingjay pin!!! Here is a sneak peak to the movie that will not be released until November!!!

Book Buzzes – Character Point of View

For our final book buzz, students were asked to take on the form of a character in their book and try to convince the class to read the book.  This was fairly effective, as most of my students took this to heart.  It was interesting to see how they would convince us to read the book without giving away too much of the plot of the novel.  Oh yeah, they only had one minute to do this as well!  My next adventure is to do small group novel studies and then have students make book trailers for the book that they are reading.  Could be interesting.  Stay tuned to see how well they do!!


Miss H.

Our Blogging Success Criteria



I have been blogging with my students since January. We started with our Digital Portfolio (citizenship, reputation, footprint) and then branched out into real blogging. I have been giving them oral feedback and commenting on their blogs as well. After a few weeks of blogging and knowing my expectations we generated our success criteria for blogging.

I posted this on our Edmodo page as well where they get their challenge each week. I have also given them a mid challenge report card.

With the ‘report card’, I went through their entire blog, broke it into the curriculum components and media skills. They were given feedback to improve their blog posts and their overall blog.

I think my class has a better understanding of what is expected and have seen an improvement in the past few weeks with their efforts.

Kudos to my class – KEEP IT UP 3.14!!!!

How do you assess blogs? Any time saving tips?

Miss H.